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Monday , May , 20 2019
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Hearing & Balance Associates has been chosen by two of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world to test market their newest hearing aid technology.

These devices have the latest sound quality, cutting edge noise reduction, and rechargeable battery technology.  These two manufacturer's hearing devices are also the only ones capable of directly connecting wirelessly to all cellphones including iPhones and Android phones - even Flip Phones.  With this technology you will hear better on your cellphone and pick up the dialogue on your TV better than a normal hearing person!!

During this event Dr. Koonz and Dr. Lamb will provide a complimentary hearing screening and demonstration of these hearing aids.  Based on lifestyle and listening needs we will help participants determine which manufacturer's technology will be most beneficial for each individual

Each participant will be able to wear their devices for up to 30 days RISK FREE!!!

Hearing & Balance Associates has a limited supply of each manufacturer's hearing devices and must limit this offer to the first 15 people who call.

SO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT AND CALL 850 391-0248 today!!! Offer good between February 26 - February 28.