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Saturday , June , 22 2024
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You have the option to renew the warranty on your hearing device(s). To further protect your investment, consider purchasing an extended warranty for your new devices.


This warranty option will extend your coverage for repairs for an additional year beyond your current expiration date.  

This option is only available to patients whose hearing aids are currently covered under a repair warranty.  This cannot be purchased for hearing aids that are no longer covered under a repair warranty.  An extended repair warranty covers the failure of any component parts in the hearing aid which causes it to operate improperly.  These component parts include all internal electronics within the hearing aid or damage in the form of a cracked or broken instrument, shell or faceplate, volume control, battery door and battery door structure. 

Please feel free to call our office to discuss and purchase one of these options for your devices850-298-8407.

updated 7/2021