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Saturday , June , 22 2024
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Oticon was founded on a compassion for people — and a deep understanding of the role that hearing plays in living a richer and fuller life.  More than a century later, compassion continues to guide our innovation and drive our business through the unique corporate structure that guides Oticon. 

Hearing & Balance Associates is an authorized distributor and service location for Oticon digital hearing aids. Our certified hearing care professionals specialize in fitting Oticon hearing instruments.

Choosing the right Oticon hearing aid…
There are many styles of hearing aids and your specific hearing loss is as unique as your fingerprints! As such, it is highly recommended that you partner with your hearing care professional in the decision-making process. A personal consultation that considers your lifestyle, level of hearing loss (determined by a complete hearing evaluation) and personal budget is the best approach. Our audiologists will recommend the hearing solution that is right for you.

Demo units are available for our patients to try for up 30 days. Try Oticon products at no charge. 

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