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Saturday , June , 22 2024
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TV Adapter 3.0

The new TV Adapter 3.0 uses  TwinLink technology and is compatible with Oticon hearing aids with 2.4 GHz technology.  It can be connected to practically any audio device using the cables provided. In effect, this turns your hearing aids into wireless stereo headphones.

  • Direct streaming to the hearing aids
  • Up to 50 feet range
  • Stereo Streaming
  • Dolby Digital


Phone Adapter 2.0

Phone Adapter 2.0

The updated Phone Adapter 2.0 now pairs with ConnectClip and works with  analog landline phones to turn your hearing intruments into  a wireless headset, so users don't have to get up to answer the phone. The Phone Adapter 2.0 combined with ConnectClip support both incoming and outgoing phone calls.

Oticon wireless remote

Remote Control 3.0

The Remote Control 3.0 uses TwinLink™ technology. It is easily paired with the hearing aids by the user (no Genie programming required) and provides convenient and discreet control of volume and listening programs.

Easy to carry, the Remote Control is ideal for patients with designRITE or wireless custom instruments. It provides discreet control and is also a smart option for patients who have difficulty with small buttons.

The Oticon Remote Control is backwards compatible with all wireless Oticon hearing instruments, and a convenient Demo mode provides easy in-office trials without the need to pair with instruments.

Velox S™ and Velox™ platform instruments use Remote Control 3.0, while Inium Sense platform instruments (and prior) use Remote Control 2.0.

Bluetooth hearing aids connect to ON App

Oticon ON

The Oticon ON App enables patients to control their hearing aids, choose what they want to hear and adjust the sound.  The app also offers a "find my hearing aid" search feature, counselling advice, links to user instructions and low battery notification.