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Saturday , June , 22 2024
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Phonak History


Introducing Phonak Paradise™

Comprised of all-new hardware, Paradise takes hearing performance to the next level with several new features. This results in a hearing aid that delivers an unrivaled hearing experience that includes crisp, natural sound, brilliant speech understanding and dynamic noise canceling. In addition, patients can discover personalized digital solutions with a new myPhonak 4.0 app as well as universal connectivity. Patients will be able to access their Bluetooth®-enabled functionalities via a double tap on the ear, thanks to the new Tap Control feature. There’s nothing like the sound of Paradise.


Introduction of Phonak Marvel™

This revolutionary hearing aid family combines the benefits of exceptional speech understanding and reduced listening effort in noise. Marvel streams all audio content seamlessly from iPhone, Android smartphone and countless Bluetooth enabled devices to both ears in stereo quality. Marvel hearing aids are rechargeable and empower all hearing aid wearers to benefit from real-time voice-to-text transcription of phone calls and remote support via smart apps.


New hearing aid families based on the Belong™ platform.

  • Phonak Sky B - the pediatric hearing aids fitting losses from mild to profound, specifically designed to be easy to use and to keep up with even the most active young patients.
  • Phonak Naída B - the 5th generation of the world’s most trusted power hearing aids.
  • Phonak Vitus - our basic BTE portfolio for mild to profound hearing losses in a compact and reliable design.
  • Phonak Vitus+ - the comprehensive basic portfolio for mild to profound hearing loss, including RIC, BTE and Custom models with an enhanced feature set.

Launch of new CROS B-R device

This is the first Contralateral Routing of Signal (CROS) device with a lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable battery from Phonak. The CROS B-R provides patients with single-sided deafness a smart, rechargeable solution with a full day of hearing from both sides. CROS B-R broadens our industry-leading portfolio of Li-ion rechargeable hearing solutions based on our successful Belong™ platform.  

The Phonak Belong™ platform features innovative rechargeable lithium-ion technology that has been minimized to be fully integrated into a hearing aid. Rechargeable hearing aid models are available within the Belong families: Audéo B, Bolero B, Sky B, Naída B and CROS B. Learn more


Phonak Belong platform extended with innovative life-changing solutions:

  • Our first hearing aids, designed to easily connect to any Bluetooth® enabled cell phone and TV - Phonak Audéo B-Direct.
  • The world’s first hearing aids with Biometric Calibration - Phonak Virto™ B. Precisely calibrated to the individual ear anatomy for better hearing performance.
  • Phonak Bolero™ B family, including a rechargeable model: Phonak Bolero™ B-PR which provides 24 hours* of hearing with one simple charge.
  • Phonak Virto™ B-Titanium. Built from medical grade Titanium, it is discreet, strong, light-weight and the smallest in-the-ear hearing aid ever created by Phonak.

 As part of the 70th anniversary celebration, Phonak hosted an open day which attracted over 5500 guests.

* Expected results when fully charged, and up to 80 minutes wireless streaming time


Launch of the Belong platform includes Audéo B-R, the first ever hearing aid to feature a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery providing 24 hours* of hearing, as well as, Audéo B-R represents the quickest charging, longest lasting rechargeable hearing aid ever produced.

Launch of Phonak Naída™ V power hearing instruments. SoundRecover2 – a brand new algorithm, takes frequency lowering to a new level and makes high-frequency information audible for a wider range of hearing losses and an enhanced listening experience. Launch of Phonak Sky™ V, a range of pediatric hearing instruments specifically optimized to address kids’ and teens’ diverse communication needs. This portfolio runs AutoSense Sky OS and features an indicator light on all BTEs, which clearly shows the status of the hearing aids.Roger and directional setting – an industry first, Phonak now offers the benefits of directional microphones in the hearing aid at the same time as using Roger.  The launch of the new Roger™ for Education portfolio including Roger Touchscreen Mic, Pass-around, Multimedia Hub and Charging Rack.

* Expected results when fully charged, and up to 80 minutes wireless streaming time.


Launch of the Phonak Bolero™ V and Phonak Virto™ V hearing aid families, which continues the use of the Venture platform in the BTE and Custom product families and runs AutoSense OS.


The new Venture platform, powered by a new chip technology, offers twice the processing power while reducing battery consumption up to 30%.


The Sky Q hearing aid portfolio offers children of all ages optimal access to speech and language.

The Phonak Tinnitus portfolio supports the management and treatment of tinnitus through sound enrichment coupled with instructional counselling.

Phonak Roger, a wireless technology that transmits the speaker’s voice directly into the hearing aids, enables hearing aid users to understand speech in noise and over distance by up to 62% better than people with normal hearing.


Based on the unique binaural VoiceStream technology™, the Quest platform enables optimal hearing and understanding in almost every situation . The new Speech in Wind and auto StereoZoom features efficiently reduce wind and background noise. This allows for an improvement in speech understanding of up to 45 per cent in challenging situations, e.g. in restaurants or during sports activities.


Launch of Lyric, the first and only hearing solution that can be worn without interruption for months at a time. The “contact lens for the ear” sits deep in the ear canal – close to the eardrum – and can be worn during all kinds of daily life activities, e.g. sports, taking a shower, sleeping. Lyric is tailored to the needs of users with mild to moderately-severe hearing loss who look for a discreet and hassle-free solution


The Spice Generation chip set has set new standards in microchip technology: 16 million transistors packed in 65 nanometer chip technology, offered the fastest processing speed with over 200 million operations per second and the largest memory.

Opening of the new production and technology centre in Stäfa.


Successful launch of Audéo YES, the modern hearing aid with an exceptional design that does not make any compromises in terms of size and performance.


Naída, the first line of hearing aids for severe hearing loss with water-resistant housing, is very well received on the market.


On August 1, Phonak Holding AG is renamed Sonova Holding AG.

Phonak remains the brand name and is continued unchanged.

Foundation of Phonak Acoustic Implants in Lausanne for the development of a middle ear implant.

Opening of a production facility in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


Phonak launches the global Hear the World initiative to raise awareness about the importance of hearing and the consequences of hearing loss. The initiative addresses the social and psychological effects of hearing loss, and provides information on prevention and solutions.

Launch of microPower, the hearing aid with innovative Canal Receiver Technology (CRT) that presents the perfect cosmetic solution for people with severe hearing loss.


Launch of Savia, the hearing aid that uses the unique capabilities of bionic systems with the latest in digital technology to provide natural, effortless hearing.


Launch of SmartLink, the first hearing aid to facilitate the direct wireless use of Bluetooth mobile phones for hearing aids.

Opening of a production facility in Suzhou, China.


Launch of Claro, the first fully digital Phonak hearing system with a fully integrated FM receiver.


Opening of the new technology centre in Stäfa.


Launch of MicroLink, the world’s smallest FM receiver.


Launch of AudioZoom, the pioneering multi-microphone technology.


Very successful international launch of the PiCS Hearing Computer.

Foundation of Phonak Communications in Murten for the expansion of business activities in the field of wireless communication.


Foundation of a Phonak marketing company in the US.


Move to Stäfa into the new «Phonak House».


Foundation of Phonak Holding AG as a holding company for the Phonak Group.


After the death of Ernst Rihs, his two sons take over his shares. Beda Diethelm receives the same shareholder rights.


Launch of SuperFront, a hearing aid with the highest amplification. Introduction of paediatric adjustments.

Foundation of the first international Phonak marketing companies in Germany and France.


Acquisition of all shares by Ernst Rihs. Beda Diethelm joins the company, followed by Andy Rihs and, a few years later, Hans-Ueli Rihs. A new era begins for the company.


Foundation of the “AG für Elektroakustik” with corporate headquarters in Zurich by a French-Belgian group of investors.