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Saturday , June , 22 2024
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Phonak Audeo Paradise

Phonak Audeo Paradise

Patients expect great sound quality, multifunctionality and the ability to control and personalize their hearing device in any situation. Phonak Audéo™ Paradise delivers on these expectations to provide patients with unrivaled sound quality, universal connectivity and personalized digital solutions. Discover why there’s nothing like the sound of Paradise.

Phonak Check Icon  Crisp natural sound

Phonak Check Icon  Brilliant speech understanding
Phonak Check Icon  Personalized noise cancelling
Phonak Check Icon  Voice assistant with a tap
Phonak Check Icon  Connects to smartphones, TV and more
Phonak Check Icon  Empowering smart apps
Phonak Check Icon  Waterproof**, showerproof, sweatproof (Audéo Life only)