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Saturday , June , 22 2024
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Frank R. Lin, M.D, Ph.D of Johns Hopkins University conducted a land mark study that concluded that there is little doubt that hearing loss is a factor in loss of mental acuity in older adults.  The study also indicated that the more severe the hearing loss, the greater the likelihood of developing a cognitive disorder, and the steeper the decline in mental function.  However, even subjects with mild hearing loss were found more likely to experience cognitive failures.

BrainHearing Technology has been designed by top Neuroscientists and Audio Engineers to restore hearing and provide your brain with the necessary stimulation to stay fit and increase mental acuity.

Traditional hearing devices help you hear the sounds right in front of you.  But thanks to groundbreaking technology, Oticon OPN™  gives you access to all the sounds around you.

Oticon OPN processes sounds 50X faster.  Because it works in harmony with your brain, it lets you focus on what’s important.  As a result, you enjoy a better, more natural hearing experience.