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Saturday , July , 13 2024
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Hearing aid Test Market

Oticon, one of the world's largest hearing aid manufacturers has chosen Hearing & Balance Associates of NW Florida to test market their newest hearing devices.  Oticon has provided Hearing & Balance Associates with 11 sets of these devices that will be demonstrated and fit on participants the same day.  In order to introduce the newest technology in the field of digital hearing devices, during this event only, all hearing devices will be offered at a tremendous discount - making them affordable to the people who need them the most.

In addition, to further demonstrate the incredible performance of these devices, we will be conducting a 3-day demonstration performed by our doctors of Audiology.  A complimentary hearing screening and demonstration will be performed to help identify any other hearing difficulties and enable our doctors to determine if the newest personalized hearing devices will effectively improve such conditions.  A complimentary tinnitus evaluation will also be conducted by one of our doctors if it is necessary.

During this 3-day demonstration and test market, Oticon has asked that participants be allowed to try these devices out RISK FREE for up to 30 days.  If participants decide that Oticon's hearing devices do not improve their hearing adequately the devices can simply be returned at no cost.
We feel that this test market and introduction event is the perfect way to introduce these devices to people who otherwise would not know of the incredible technological advances being made in the area of hearing correction and tinnitus therapy.  If you currently wear hearing aids, have difficulty hearing, or suffer from tinnitus, you owe it to yourself to see what these products can do for you.  Upgrades or trade-ins of your current hearing devices will be accepted, making this one of the best opportunities ever to get what you need - affordably. 


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