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Saturday , July , 13 2024
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Hearing & Balance Associates

Hearing Aid Test Market

Hearing & Balance Associates has been chosen by two of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world to conduct a test trial at our office on February 04, 05, and 06, 2020.

These manufacturers recently released their newest cutting edge noise reduction technology and have chosen Hearing & Balance Associates to help determine which manufacturer has the BEST technology.  

Individuals who choose to participate will be given a complementary hearing screening by one of our doctors to determine if they are a candidate to test out the new hearing devices.

Half of the candidates will test out one manufacturer's newest devices and the other half will test out the other manufacturer's newest hearing devices for up to 30 days.  

If the devices do not meet the candidate's listening needs the devices can be returned.  The devices will be offered at a significant discount and candidates will have the opportunity to purchase them at the end of their trial.

The hearing aid manufacturers have given Hearing & Balance Associates a limited supply of their new devices and we must limit this event to the first 15 qualified candidates.  So call 391-0248 and schedule your appointment today!



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